Tankfarm design AND operation as per oisd 244

A comprehensive course designed for Operations engineers and officers in Oil and Gas downstream industries to have detailed understanding of design aspects of Petroleum Terminal.

Disclaimer: The course content is based on our understanding and interpretation of OISD 244

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Here is what you will learn

Petroleum Terminal Layout Design

This section focuses on terminal layout design and has got various chapters on separation distances between various facilities in petroleum storage terminal, Dyke volume calculation,  Tank layout, hazardous area classification, Bulk loading and unloading facilities.

Fire Protection System in Storage Terminals

This section covers the design of fire protection system in the storage terminal. Learners would learn about Fire Protection Philosophy, Fire water system design, Fire hydrant Network, Fire water and foam quantity calculations, Dyke Drain system and ESD system.                               

Electrical and Instrumentation System

This section covers Design criteria about Electrical Equipment, Concepts of earthing and bonding and Tank Farm Management System in storage terminal. Learners would learn about various levels of protection in storage tank to prevent overfilling of storage tanks.

Here is what you will get on completion of the course

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Petroleum Terminal Layout Design
  • Design Considerations for Layout of the Facility (E-Learning Video - 16 Minutes)
  • ASSESSMENT: Design Considerations for Layout of the Facility
  • Hazardous Area Classification (E-Learning Video - 8 Minutes)
  • ASSESSMENT: Hazardous Area Classification
  • Layout of Storage Tanks (E-Learning Video - 23 Minutes)
  • ASSESSMENT: Layout of Storage Tanks
  • Separation Distances (E-Learning Video - 15 Minutes)
  • ASSESSMENT: Separation Distances
  • Tank Farm and Manifolds (E-Learning Video - 12 Minutes)
  • ASSESSMENT: Tank Farm and Manifolds
  • Bulk Loading and Unloading Operation (E-Learning Video - 14 Minutes)
  • ASSESSMENT: Bulk Loading and Unloading Operation
Fire Protection System in Storage Terminals
  • Fire Protection Philosophy (E-Learning Video - 21 Minutes)
  • ASSESSMENT: Fire Protection Philosophy
  • Fire Water System Design (E-Learning Video - 14 Minutes)
  • ASSESSMENT: Fire Water System Design
  • Fire Hydrant Network (E-Learning Video - 12 Minutes)
  • ASSESSMENT: Fire Hydrant Network
  • Foam System (E-Learning Video - 15 Minutes)
  • ASSESSMENT: Foam System
  • Foam Quantity Requirements (E-Learning Video - 6 Minutes)
  • ASSESSMENT: Foam Quantity Requirements
  • Hydrocarbon Detection (E-Learning Video - 6 Minutes)
  • ASSESSMENT: Hydrocarbon Detection
  • Dyke Drain Valve Annunciation System (E-Learning Video - 5 Minutes)
  • ASSESSMENT: Dyke Drain Valve Annunciation System
  • Emergency Shut Down System (E-Learning Video - 5 Minutes)
  • ASSESSMENT: Emergency Shut Down System
Electrical and Instrumentation
  • Earthing and Bonding (E-Learning Video - 11 Minutes)
  • ASSESSMENT: Earthing and Bonding
  • Design Criteria of Electrical Equipment (E-Learning Video - 7 Minutes)
  • ASSESSMENT: Design Criteria of Electrical Equipment
  • Tankfarm Management System (TFMS) (E-Learning Video - 6 Minutes)
  • ASSESSMENT: Tankfarm Management System (TFMS)

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INR 10,000/-
Introductory offer price INR 8000/

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